Conferences and Member Benefits

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CCA is pleased to offer three distinct and timely statewide conferences each year. In 2014-15, CCA transitioned to a revised schedule that more closely follows membership, bargaining, and legislative calendars.

Fall Conference
The Fall Conference is always held in early October and highlights membership accomplishments and various aspects of keeping our members engaged in the union.

Winter Conference
The Winter Conference is held in mid-February and focuses on collective bargaining.

Spring Conference
The Spring Conference is held in April and highlights advocacy. At this conference, we also highlight our “We Honor Ours” (WHO) Awards winners. This is a special program which honors our own local and state union leaders.

Please visit the Conferences Page for more information.

As a CCA Member, You Reap Benefits

CCA membership entitles you to myriad benefits, including financial services, travel discounts, insurance and more from the California Teachers Association and the National Education Association.  More information can be found on the Member Benefits page.

Grants & Awards

CCA is proud to offer a myriad of Grants and Awards to it’s members.  Please visit the Grants and Awards page for a complete listing and links to applications and nomination forms.