Strength in Unity!

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We are a family and a community, both in CCA and in our local chapters, and supporting each other is what we do.”

—Eric Kaljumägi, CCA President
Our Mission

The Community College Association, with CTA and NEA as our partners, advocates for California’s public higher education faculty, empowers locals, builds strong and effective coalitions, promotes equity and inclusion, and strives to preserve quality public education

Thanks so much for joining us!!!

CCA is the higher education affiliate of the California Teachers Association (CTA), the largest and most influential professional association of educators in the state with 310,000 members.

CCA has become one of the most powerful voices for community colleges at the state level, striving to improve the working conditions of our members and the quality of the community college system.  Nationally, CCA is affiliated with the National Education Association (NEA), the largest public employee association in the country with almost 3 million members.

As a CCA member, you are part of the largest, most influential national association of educators advocating to better the working conditions of its members, to support students and to improve the quality of public education.

  • Membership Means Safety in Numbers!
  • Membership Means Power in Bargaining!
  • Membership Means Protection for our Pensions!
  • Membership Means Knowing your Rights!

CCA is dedicated to advocating on behalf of faculty and their students across California!