CCA and the future of District Q

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The following is a brief message from your CCA President, Eric Kaljumagi, about the recent California Faculty Association (CFA) disaffiliation and what that means for the future of CCA and District Q representation on the CTA Board.

To our members:

     On July 19th we were privileged to have an hour in which our new CTA President, E. Toby Boyd, met with us about the future of higher education’s District Q within CTA’s structure. We expect that CCA will have a role in the upcoming discussions about how we move forward since the disaffiliation of the California Faculty Association (CFA) last month may affect how we are represented on the CTA board. CCA Board members and chapter presidents asked pertinent questions and voiced concerns about maintaining a distinct position for higher education within the board, since the issues facing our colleges are often substantially different than those faced by our PK-12 siblings. CTA appears willing to explore “out-of-the- box ideas and possible language changes to standing rules and/or bylaws” in order to ensure our unique voice is heard. Since this is such a recent event, Toby has asked that we remain patient for the next few months while they figure out a way for CCA and SCTA to be fairly represented. In the meantime a new election will be run for the District Q director position during State Council in October. We are confident that CTA understands and acknowledges the unique challenges that face higher education and that they will seek to find a fair solution.
In Union,
Eric Kaljumagi, CCA President