Budget Committee

The CCA Budget Committee maintains fiscal oversight for CCA. Members routinely examine the ledgers to ensure correctness of bookkeeping, analyze anomalies and make recommendations to the CCA Board based upon these analyses. The Budget Committee also provides support to other CCA Committees through collaborative dialogue, information sharing and problem solving over areas of mutual interest.
CCA is funded almost entirely through member dues.
Budget development occurs year-round.  The Treasurer, in collaboration with CCA’s Budget Committee and with CTA, develops and proposes to Council in Spring an annual budget for the following year; that budget is adjusted mid-year and brought to Council for approval in Fall.
To the greatest degree possible, member dues are returned to our locals and our members through conferences, grants, equity and social justice programs, crisis assistance, and other programs.
Members: Chair, Jon Ausubel; Jackie Boboye, Jesus Gutierrez, Geoff Johnson, and Anthony Villarreal.

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee works in conjunction with the CCA Website Manager/ Social Media Curator and CTA Communications Staff to disseminate valuable information to members regarding union news, local achievements, and current events that affect community college faculty.

Members: Chair, John Sullivan; Kenneth Bearden, Rick Boone, Matt Jones, Teresa Landeros, Kashara Moore, Julius Thomas

CCA Advocacy Award Application

Assigned Staff: Casey Brown (CCA Website Manager)

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Conference Committee

The Conference Committee meets four times each year to discuss and plan workshops, general sessions, evening activities, and the spring WHO Awards.  Non-Voting ex officio members often attend meetings.

Do you have a proposal for a session at one of our conferences?  Fill out the form below to have it considered.

CCA Conference Session Proposal Form

Members: Chair, Dorothy Reina; Martha Carreon, Joshua Christ, Trevor Gatz, Kristie Iwamoto, Josie Malik

Assigned Staff: Forthcoming due to changes in CTA structure

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Governance Committee

The Governance Committee maintains the CCA governance documents: the Bylaws, the Standing Rules, and the Elections Manual.  This is accomplished by reviewing and revising, as needed, all governing documents of CCA at least once every five years,  considering all proposed amendments and changes to CCA’s governing documents, and reviewing the governance structure and geographical districts of CCA every three years for adherence to CCA, CTA, and NEA policies.  The Governance Committee also brings forth all revisions and suggested changes to the Board and Councils and advises these bodies of any compliance issues. The Committee may conduct hearings on any proposed changes to governing documents.

Members: Chair, Patrick Mitchell; Ricardo Aguilar, Tiffany Gause, Susan Pynes, Lorraine Slattery

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Elections Committee

The Elections Credential Committee’s primary function is to conduct and monitor all elections for the Community College Association (CCA). The members of this committee are charged with the responsibility of seeing that in all elections, every member has a voice and access to the election process and procedures. That each member is guaranteed the right to have a voice in the organization and that the organization maintains the one person, one vote and the basic principles of the nomination process set down by the CTA and NEA.

The members of the Elections Credential Committee are at all times impartial and operate in the best interest of the CCA, CTA and NEA. To ensure the integrity of the process the members of the Committee review the elections process and proceedings on a regular basis and make suggested modifications to the nomination and election process to the CCA Governance Committee for review and action when it is appropriate.

For more information about CCA elections, including the CCA Elections Manual and forms, visit our Elections Page

Chair, Tamra Horton, Joe Farrelly, Tamra Horton, Elizabeth Maloney, Forest Quinlan

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Faculty Equity and Diversity Committee

The Faculty Equity and Diversity Committee addresses issues regarding ethnic, gender, age, economic and cultural equity within CCA. The FEDC creates conference sessions and stand-alone workshops. From member nominations, we select the annual winners of the Faculty Equity and Diversity Awards for outstanding service on behalf of community college faculty: The GBLT Award in honor of David Sanchez, The Ethnic Minority Award in honor of Mary Ann Pacheco, and The Part-time Faculty Award in honor of David Milroy. Our main goal is to educate our members in issues of diversity by celebrating our differences while embracing our commonalities and unity. We believe a strong union represents every member.

Chair, Ricardo Aguilar, Kristie Iwamoto, Ed Gomez, Jennifer Escobar

For more information please visit our Equity and Diversity page

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Legislation and Advocacy Committee

The Legislation and Advocacy Committee reviews all legislation pertaining to higher education, recommends positions to the CCA Council and the CTA State Legislation Committee, proposes sponsored legislation, and promotes political action in CCA.

Legislation and Political Action Page

2022-2023 Legislation and Advocacy Committee (LAC): Randa Wahbe (Chair), Josue Arredondo (Vice Chair), Karen Beck (Recorder), Mark Carpenter, Dana DeMurcurio, Jennifer Escobar, John Martin, Teresa Landeros (ex-officio), Josie Malik (ex-officio).

The LAC is supported by our CTA Legislative Advocate Patricia Rucker and CTA Legislative Consultant Diego Santelices.

For more information about the Committee, or to become an active member of the Committee, please Contact the Committee Chair.

Membership Development Committee

The Membership Development Committee meets regularly to address membership recruitment, development, and retention; to solicit, fund, and review Membership Development Grant proposals; and to advise CCA on all relevant membership matters.

2022-2023 Membership Development Committee members: Randa Wahbe (Chair), Trevor Gatz (Vice Chair), Jennifer Fowlie (Recorder), Jackie Boboye, Araceli Covarrubias, Raquel Flores-Olson, Tami Smith, Josie Malik (ex-officio), Martha Carreon (non-voting)

For more information about the Committee, or to become an active member of the Committee, please Contact the Committee Chair

Part-Time Faculty Issues Committee

The Part-Time Faculty Issues Committee supports part-time/adjunct/associate faculty rights in local and statewide bodies, communicates issues to the CCA Council, presents workshops at CCA conferences, and works with other CCA committees and the CCA Board to make sure that part-time faculty are fairly represented.

For more information, please visit our Part Time Faculty Issues Page and Part Time Faculty Membership Page

Chair, Josie Malik, Karen Beck, Danny Keener, Judy Lawton, Monishia Miller, Geoffrey Johnson, Hector Valtierra, Larisa Wiggins, Teresa Landeros (ex-officio)

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Policy Committee

The Policy Committee writes and revises policy to support CCA positions on legislation and reviews current educational or labor issues which may require policy creation. All CCA policy can be found in the

CTA Organizational Handbook

Image of the CTA Organizational Handbook for the 2022-2023 year. Image is also a clickable link.

Randa Wahbe (Chair), Sam Abbas (Vice Chair),  Judy Lawton (Recorder), Fatemeh Chadegani, Anthony Musumba, Lorraine Slattery, Emily Woolery, Teresa Landeros (ex-officio), Josie Malik (ex-officio)

The Policy Committee is supported by CTA Policy Consultant Michelle Washington. 

For more information about the Committee, or to become an active member of the Committee, please Contact the Committee Chair