The Elections Credential Committee’s primary function is to conduct and monitor all elections for the Community College Association (CCA). The members of this committee are charged with the responsibility of seeing that in all elections, every member has a voice and access to the election process and procedures. That each member is guaranteed the right to have a voice in the organization and that the organization maintains the one person, one vote and the basic principles of the nomination process set down by the CTA and NEA.

The members of the Elections Credential Committee are at all times impartial and operate in the best interest of the CCA, CTA and NEA. To ensure the integrity of the process the members of the Committee review the elections process and proceedings on a regular basis and make suggested modifications to the nomination and election process to the CCA Governance Committee for review and action when it is appropriate.

CCA Elections Manual

CCA Elections Committee: Tamra Horton (Chair), Ed Gomez, Forest Quinlin, Elizabeth Maloney, Joe Farelly, Mark Carpenter
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Regular CCA Election: Fall Conference Council 2023 information 

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List of Declared Candidates: End of September 2023