Board of Directors

District A: Kenneth Bearden

Butte College
Term: 2022-2024
Represents: Butte College EA, College of the Siskiyous CHEA CHPT, Lassen Community College Certified TA,
Los Rios (At-large), Mendocino CC P/T, Shasta College FA
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Kenneth Bearden teaches English and Humanities and has been working in the community college system for 22 years. He has served in several leadership roles on campus including the Academic Senate, Curriculum Committee, and Accreditation Steering Team. Statewide, Kenneth has worked on statewide Academic Senate committees and has served on Accreditation visiting teams. He began working with Butte College’s full-time faculty union in 2016 on the negotiations team, and he is now the president and one of two grievance officers. In his spare time, Kenneth likes to exercise, work on DIY projects around the house and property, spend time with his dogs, nag his two sons about how they are doing in their college coursework, and cook wonderful meals with his wife. 

District B Director: Anthony Villarreal

Monterey Peninsula College
Term: 2022-2024
Represents: Gavilan College FA, Hartnell College FA , Merced College FA, Monterey Peninsula College FA
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I have been active in CCA for about 10 years, and participated in the Building Strong Locals and California Leadership Academy.  BSL and CLA, as you may know, are sort of like crossfit, intellectual burpees, historical squats, kettlebell reps for union strategy and tactics. I have occasional delusions of adequacy in my preparation to take on more responsibility on behalf of members, both at my own campus and in CCA. 

At MPC, I’ve been Membership Chair, active in Grievances, served as Vice President for two years, and am currently President.  I helped our local win pay raises, improvements to salary schedules, recognition and compensation for department chairs, and helped with faculty friendly MOU’s in response to the pandemic, remote work, and return to campus. 

I believe in public education as essential to a democratic society, and deeply appreciate the important role of educators in demonstrating solidarity and the power of unionism and collective bargaining for all workers.  I will work on behalf of local associations, and serve on the CCA Budget committee.  I thank you and appreciate the opportunity. 


District C(1): Kristie Iwamoto

Kristie Iwamoto2Napa Valley College
Term: 2021-2023
Represents: Lake Tahoe Community College FA, Napa Valley College FA, San Joaquin Delta College TA, Sierra College FA, Solano College CTA Chapter
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Kristie A. Iwamoto is an English teacher at Napa Valley College. She is a fourth-generation Northern Californian who was born in Berkeley. She got her Bachelors and Masters degrees in English from California State University, East Bay (in 2002 and 2006, respectively).
Kristie started teaching in 2007 at Solano Community College in Fairfield, where she served in her local as Part-Time Representative, Organizing Chair and Membership Chair. She worked part time there as well as at Los Medanos College in Pittsburg and Napa Valley College. She started teaching full-time at Napa Valley College in 2012. She is currently President of the Napa Valley College Faculty Association.
In her spare time, Kristie likes long distance running, yoga, and volunteer work, particularly therapy dog visits.

District C(2): Ricardo Aguilar

San Joaquin Delta College
Term: Complete Unexpired Term 2022-2024
Represents: Lake Tahoe Community College FA, Napa Valley College FA, San Joaquin Delta College TA, Sierra College FA, Solano College CTA Chapter
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Ricardo Aguilar teaches students Spanish at San Joaquin Delta College. His approach to teaching and education exemplifies a quote from Arne Duncan, the former U.S. Secretary of Education: “Great teaching is about so much more than education; it is a daily fight for social justice.” He came to Stockton, California from the Mexican State of Michoacán as an undocumented person. He earned an A.A. in General Education from San Joaquin Delta College, a B.A. in History and a B.A. in Spanish from California State University, Sacramento, and an M.A. in Spanish from San José State University. Additionally, he is a graduate of the Community College Association (CCA) California Leadership Academy and the Leadership Stockton program organized by the Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce.

Ricardo first started teaching part time at Christian Brothers High School in Sacramento, and he taught part time at Modesto Junior College and San Joaquin Delta College (SJDC) for two years before becoming the first undocumented SJDC graduate to become a full-time faculty member at SJDC. In addition to serving students and the community as a Professor of Modern Languages (Spanish) at a designated Hispanic Serving Institution, he serves as the Equity-Minded Honors Program Coordinator, an UndocuAlly Educator, a co-advisor to the I Am/Yo Soy Club, a founding member of the Chicanx/Latinx Faculty Task Force, a mentor for Puente (and proud Puentista!), and a Division Representative in the faculty association at SJDC.

He previously served as a Senator in the Academic Senate at SJDC, a member of the SJDC Dream Conference Committee, a volunteer and former member with M.E.Ch.A., a member of the Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning Workgroup at SJDC, a co-creator of the Social Justice Studies AA-T degree and program at SJDC, a co-author of a revision to SJDC policies to implement an Ethnic Studies graduation requirement, a member of the CTA’s César E. Chávez Memorial Education Awards Committee, and a member of the City of Stockton’s Education Subcommittee of the Community Engagement Coalition within the Office of Violence Prevention. Additionally, he served as the first Chair (and current member) of the SJDCTA Social Justice and Equity Committee, which received the 2020 Stanback-Stroud Diversity Award from the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges for work such as advocating for the creation of a Dreamer Success Center on campus, organizing delivery of donations to migrants at the Mexico-U.S. border, and co-hosting a radio program called In-Lak’ech Radio Cosmico: A Discussion on Social Justice and Equity. He is also a recipient of the CCA’s We Honor Ours (WHO) award and the 2019 Outstanding New Faculty Award at SJDC.

In addition to teaching and advocating for social justice, Ricardo enjoys poetry, reading, advising clubs, encouraging students to pursue higher education, volunteering in the community, and spending time with family and friends.

District D:  Matt Jones

Term: Complete Unexpired 2022-2024
Represents: College of the Canyons FA, College of the Sequoias TA, Kern Community College Chapter, Taft College FA, West Hills College FA
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Matt Jones is a member of the Kern Community College District (KCCD) Community College Association and teaches in KCCD, where he is a professor at Bakersfield College. As a faculty in the Academic Technology Department, he specializes in Instructional Design. He also co-teaches a class in the English department with his wife. Jones has been a member of KCCD since 2011 where he began his career in educational technology as a Systems Support Analyst. However, for the past 8 years, he has been a member of the faculty. Although Jones is a reasonably new member of CCA, he has a great interest in the interpretation of contract language, syntax and sentence structure. Combining that interest with faculty rights drove him to participate in his local chapter, where he is the current acting secretary. Jones believes the post-lockdown world is going to present several challenges for community colleges and it is his endeavor, through the CCA lens, to assist in navigating those waters.

District E(1): Armando A. Garcia

San Bernardino Valley College
Term: 2022-2024
Represents: Barstow College FA, College of the Desert FA, College of the Desert AF, Copper Mountain CCD, Rio Hondo College FA, San Bernardino Community College District, Victor Valley College FA
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Raised in Long Beach, CA by a single-mother immigrant family and product of public schools, college and universities, Armando is one of several counselors in the Counseling Department and teaches student development courses at San Bernardino Valley College; he has experience working at seven other local community colleges: Santa Ana College; Cypress College; Santiago Canyon College; Saddleback College; Citrus College; Mount San Antonio College; and Los Angeles City College.

Armando is an advocate for social change, fights for students, colleagues, and has been a longtime union supporter. Armando loves his animal companions and enjoys spending quality time with family and friends.

Armando attained his associate degree from Long Beach City College, two bachelor’s degrees from CSU Domínguez Hills and a master’s in counseling with a concentration in higher education, along with a certificate in community college student populations from CSU Long Beach.  Armando spent 13 years to complete his undergraduate coursework and dubbed a “career student” at his community college by one of his professors.  It was due to a lack of mentorship that Armando prioritized work over college, this is why he’s passionate about all college students having a mentor to help guide them in the right direction. 

District E(2): Michael Butros

Michael ButrosTerm: 2021-2023
Represents: Barstow College FA, College of the Desert FA, College of the Desert AF, Copper Mountain CCD, Rio Hondo College FA, San Bernardino Community College District, Victor Valley College FA
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A product of the California Community College System, Michael completed an Associated degree in Math/Science from Victor Valley College in 1991.  He completed his undergraduate degree in applied mathematics from the University of California, Irvine in 1994, and his graduate degree in mathematics from Northern Arizona University in 2000.

Michael began teaching mathematics at Victor Valley College in 2000, and began teaching physics in 2008.  Michael served as the department chair of both the mathematics department and the physical sciences department.  Michael is an Area Representative on the Academic Senate and is the Faculty Representative on the Victor Valley College Foundation Board. Michael served as a Visiting Professor at NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center between 2014 and 2019, and will return for another five years between 2020 and 2024.

Michael served his local chapter as the secretary, vice president, and president since 2004. Michael is serving as the President of his local chapter for the term (2019-2021). Statewide Michael was a member of the CCA Board, acted as the Board Parliamentarian, and was elected as CCA Secretary.  Michael is a graduate of the CCA Building Strong Locals Academy (Third Class).

District F(1): Kashara Moore

Term: Complete Unexpired 2021-2023
Represents: Chaffey College FA, Chaffey Child Development, CHI Long Beach City College(part-time), Long Beach City College FA(full-time), UF North Orange County CCD
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Dr. Kashara S. Moore has been working in public service for over 25 years. Eight years were spent with the Department of Children and Family Services as a Children’s Social Worker, prior to transitioning to education. As a School Counselor, Manager of Disabilities and Mental Health for Head Start, and a Program Specialist with Long Beach Unified School District support services in education has been provided for 20 years. The opportunity to provide support in South Central Los Angeles was obtained as the Director of Teaching and Learning with Manual Arts High School, but the love of Long Beach led her back to become an Adjunct Professor and Counselor with Long Beach City College since 2013. International work has also been a passion. In 2019, Dr. Moore presented on special education services, supporting autistic youth, at the University of Addis Ababa, Kotebe Metropolitan University, and Black Lion Hospital in Ethiopia. 

District F(2): Jackie Boboye  

Chaffey College
Term: 2021-2023
Represents: Chaffey College FA, Chaffey Child Development, CHI Long Beach City College(part-time), Long Beach City College FA(full-time), UF North Orange County CCD
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Dr. Jackie Boboye has been a full-time counseling professor at Chaffey College since 2005. She teaches Essential Student Success and Career and Life Planning. Prior to her full-time position at Chaffey, Jackie was part-time at several community college districts in the Riverside and San Bernardino area since 2001. Jackie has served in many committees on her campus, she is a Senator on the Academic Senate, and faculty advisor for the Multicultural Club. In 2017, she was part of the research team, Faculty Inquiring Team (FIT) a yearlong research and Faculty on Special Assignment

(FOSA) in Guided Pathways Transforming the College Journey. She has served as a co-chair of the Membership Development Committee (MDC), and graduated from California Leadership Academy (CLA) in 2020. Jackie has a bachelor’s degree in Sociology/ Social Work; Masters’ degrees in Educational Counseling; and Psychology with Emphasis in Marriage Family Therapy and Professional Clinical Counselor; and an EdD in Leadership and Management. 

Jackie is a learner, advocate, active listener, and she believes in working collaboratively in finding solutions to the issues faced by our students, faculty, and staff.

District G: Jesus Gutierrez

Citrus College
Term: Complete Unexpired Term 2021-2023
Represents: Citrus College FA, FA Rancho Santiago CCD, Rancho Santiago CEFA
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After completing his four-year active-duty obligation with the U.S. Marines, Jesus enrolled full-time at Rio Hondo College.  His first math class at Rio was Geometry!  While at Rio he participated in the Student University Bound Program (SUBE) which prepared him to transfer to UCLA and major in Applied Mathematics with a Minor in Statistics.  Jesus benefitted from multiple National Science Foundation programs: Research Experience for Undergraduates at Loyola-Marymount University, The Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation – Bridges to the Doctorate at CSU Los Angeles, and The Alliance for Graduate Education and the Professoriate program at UC Irvine.  Jesus earned the prestigious Eugene-Cota Robles Fellowship at UC Riverside where he attended the Ph.D. program in Pure Mathematics.  Jesus states his three-best decision in life were joining the Marines, getting out of the Marines, and dropping out of the Ph.D. program.

Jesus was a “road scholar” at every community college near Baldwin Park where he grew-up.  He began teaching full-time mathematics at Citrus College in 2008. Two years later, he was working with 3rd grade to high school teachers in two local school district, Glendora USD and Duarte USD as a content expert for the California Math and Science Project (CaMSP).  Jesus found working with local school teachers personally rewarding that he continued working for three more years.  During that time, Jesus served on multiple grant writing teams, which resulted in successful awards that empowered students studying at Citrus. He is also a two-time recipient of the Outstanding Educator Award given by UC Irvine.  Jesus is currently the PI on an NSF-S-STEM grant proposal which will be submitted in early 2021. 

Jesus served his local chapter by participating in union led events and he is currently an area representative.  He graduated from CCA Building Strong Locals Academy in 2019 and he is a graduate of the California Leadership Academy class of 2020.  He is also a recent W.H.O awardee from Citrus College.  Jesus looks forward to meeting you and working with all of you to advocate for higher education. 

District H(1): Susan Pynes

MiraCosta College
Term: 2022-2024
Represents: Coast Community College Assn, Imperial Valley College CCA/CTA/NEA, Imperial Valley College Part Time CCA/CTA/NEA, MiraCosta College TA, Mt. San Jacinto College FA, Palo Verde Community College Assn, Southwestern College EA
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Susan Griffiths Pynes teaches a variety of English classes (from reading/study strategies to composition and information literacy) at MiraCosta College in Oceanside, California for the Adult High School Diploma Program.  Her students range between 17 and 70 years old and have the same wide range of life experiences and backgrounds.  She delights in watching the bonds that form between diverse students as they learn together.  On the MiraCosta College Academic Associate Faculty, her local CCA/CTA unit, Susan has served as secretary and negotiator. She is a graduate of CCA’s California Leadership Academy and attended the CTA Summer Institute Essential Bargaining strand.  She has advocated for part-time faculty for over twenty years.  

Susan is also an arts education advocate and spent ten years as a Commissioner on the City of Carlsbad’s Arts Commission, which included chairing the Arts Education Committee for the city and five school districts’ arts educators.  In “spare” time, she attempts to write poetry and enjoys sailing with her family.  She believes that every person deserves an opportunity for education which is the ultimate path to world peace.

District H(2):  Lorraine Slattery

Mt. San Jacinto College FA
Term: 2022-2024
Represents: Coast Community College Assn, Imperial Valley College CCA/CTA/NEA, Imperial Valley College Part Time CCA/CTA/NEA, MiraCosta College TA, Mt. San Jacinto College FA, Palo Verde Community College Assn, Southwestern College EA
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Lorraine Slattery, Ed.S., is originally from Ireland, where she grew up in a rural community that stressed the importance of family, culture, scholarship and always lending a hand to others when possible. Lorraine emigrated to the United States over 25 years ago and has made Southern California her home since. She has been part of the Mt San Jacinto College community for over 20 years with the last 15 years as full-time faculty in the Teacher Education and Developmental Studies (TEDS) department. She has served for the past six years as Department Chair and has served at levels of local faculty governance including a six-year stint as Senate President. Lorraine has also served in a statewide capacity as an Executive Board member for the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges (ASCCC). In addition to her work on the senate side of the house, Lorraine has most recently served as her local chapter Vice President and currently holds that title, along with lead Grievance Officer and Negotiations Officer. Lorraine is a self-professed “policy-wonk” and looks forward to joining the statewide CCA Board and serving as H(2) District Representative and continuing to support local work.

District I: Rick Boone

Irvine Valley College
Term: 2021-2023
Represents: Cerritos (At-Large), Palomar (At-Large), South Orange County CCD FA
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Rick has been involved in CCA and local union leadership since 2008. He completed Building Strong Locals and received the WHO award, both in 2010. In addition to the “union side,” Rick has also served on-campus in the Senate and as Department and Curriculum Chairs. Serving at the State level, Rick looks to continue supporting the locals he works with.

Rick was a first gen student, attending Long Beach City after high school and quickly got involved in business, being self-employed since age 18. He later earned his MBA from CSU Fullerton and a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership. After committing his career to higher education, Rick worked as a campus director for a private university before his full-time faculty work at Irvine Valley College. In the classroom, Rick teaches Business and Real Estate classes, in addition to overseeing the Real Estate Department and serving as Curriculum Chair.

District J: Joshua Christ

Mt. San Antonio College
Term: 2022-2024
Represents: Mt. San Antonio College FA
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District K: Dorothy Reina

Norco College
Term: 2021-2023
Represents: Riverside CCD FA
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Once a “freeway flyer” who taught a variety of History courses at a number of Community Colleges, California State Universities, a private university in Southern California, and as a professor of Sociology at Connors State College in Warner, Oklahoma, Dorothy “landed” at the Riverside Community College District (RCCD) in 2000, when she was hired as an Associate Instructor of History at the Moreno Valley campus. She has subsequently taught at all three of the colleges in the Riverside Community College District (RCCD) but now considers Norco College her “home base.” In addition to teaching at Norco College, Dorothy teaches at Victor Valley College where she also serves as a member of the AFT Part Time Executive Board and at San Bernardino Valley College.

Dorothy’s academic journey began at East Los Angeles College where she majored in Music. She eventually earned her B.A. and M.A. degrees in American Studies and Women’s Studies at CSU Fullerton before Advancing to Candidacy in the Doctoral program in History at UC Riverside.

Prior to entering the teaching profession, Dorothy worked in the corporate and non-profit arenas in such capacities as a Circuit Designer for Pacific Bell and the Assistant Program Director of the Ombudsman Program of Riverside County.

When she’s not in the classroom, Dorothy is active on the local, state, and national level having served as a higher education representative on the CTA State Council of Education and as a delegate to the NEA Representative Assembly. In her spare time, Dorothy enjoys networking on social media,  attending the theater, travelling, photography, and advocating for the rights of animals.

Northern BIPOC Equity and Justice Director At-large Director: Trevor Gatz

San Joaquin Delta College
Term: 2021-2023
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Trevor Gatz is a community college alumnus from San Joaquin Delta College and is very excited to be working as an Adjunct Associate Professor in Education at Delta College.   He completed both his undergraduate and Master’s degree from the University of Pacific.

In addition to working at the community college, he has served as the Director of a reading/literacy program which focuses on early literacy development and enrichment for PreK-3rd grade students.  Additionally, he is the coordinator of the Summer Academy Reaching for the Stars Program which prepares 7th – 12th grade students for careers in STEM enrichment related fields.   

Trevor has been the Communication Chair at his local chapter.   He has also been a member of the CCA Membership Development Committee and the CCA Elections Committee.    Trevor is delighted to serve the LGBTQ+ members and looks forward to sharing the ideas/programs from his numerous attendances at the Time to Thrive/Human Right Campaign conferences.   He is very interested in social justice issues related to the LGBTQ+ community and looks forward to representing and advocating on their behalf.

Southern BIPOC Equity and Justice Director At-large Director: Julius Thomas

Rio Hondo College
Term: 2022-2024
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Northern Women’s Rights/Issues At-large Director: Toni Pirtle

Term: 2021-2023
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Southern Women’s Rights/Issues At-large Director: Martha Carreon

Term: 2022-2024
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Martha Carreon is currently adjunct professor of Humanities at Rio Hondo College. Her formal education includes a Master’s Degree in Political Science and International Relations from CSULA. At Rio Hondo, besides being a Professor of Mexican Culture, Martha has served in the capacity of Chairperson for the Humanities Department, Director of Transitional Services Amnesty Program, Interim Director of the Multicultural Institute, Lead Professor for the Study Abroad Program, Director of Title V, organizer of Rio Hondo’s annual Women’s Conferences for 13 years, trainer for Student Leadership Conferences, and faculty sponsor for a variety of clubs and organizations on campus.

Throughout the community, Martha is active as a consultant on minority and diversity issues, giving numerous workshops and conference presentations on curriculum development and cultural diversity. She has previously served as consultant to the Los Angeles Children’s Museum Hispanic ethnic exhibits, the Los Angeles County Multicultural Task Force, and the CSULB Teacher Education Program. Her work with the California Association of Bilingual Educators included developing the Parent Information and Resource Centers curriculum being used statewide for parent training.

She has also served as President of the Latina Leadership Network of the California Community Colleges and has received the prestigious Madrina Award for her commitment to the advancement of Latinas.

As a Faculty Association member, she has been on the Rio Hondo College Executive Board as a part-time representative for several years. For CCA she has served on the Membership Committee as Secretary and Vice-Chair and currently also serves on the Conference committee.

Northern LGBTQ+ & CTA/ABC/PAC At-large Director: Patrick Mitchell 

CCA - Headshot - Web Ready-32Merced College
Term: 2021-2023
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Patrick Mitchell has been teaching mathematics at the college level for over 25 years. Originally from New Jersey, he spent the first decade of his career at colleges in Delaware and New Jersey before relocating to California in 2006. He has taught full-time at Merced College since 2008, and also teaches part-time at California State University, Stanislaus.

Patrick served for four years as the President of the Merced College Faculty Association. In CCA, he is a graduate of the Building Strong Locals Academy (class 7) and the inaugural class of the California Leadership Academy. He has served on the CCA Membership, Legislation & Advocacy, and Policy Committees, and currently serves as the chair of the Governance Committee.  He also serves on the CTA SOGIIAC (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Issues Advisory Committee).  In 2019, Patrick was elected by his fellow CTA State Council delegates to represent Higher Ed. on the CTA/ABC committee, which is CTA’s political action committee.  Please contact Patrick if your chapter has endorsed a candidate in your local Board of Trustees election and you’d like to get help funding them.

Patrick and his partner live in Merced with their menagerie of animals. He enjoys singing, traveling, politics, everything 1980s, and spending time with family and friends.

Southern LGBTQ+ At-large Director: Tiffany Gause

Santiago Canyon College
Term: 2022-2024
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Northern Part-Time Faculty At-large Director: Josie Malik

San Joaquin Delta College
Term: 2021-2023
Represents: Northern California Part-Time Faculty members of the Community College Association/CTA/NEA
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Josie has been a part-time School Psychologist, Learning Disability Specialist and Associate Professor at San Joaquin Delta College since 1989. At the same time Josie was employed as a School Psychologist by Lincoln Unified School District for 25 years and as a classroom teacher for 18 years at Stockton Unified.  Josie received her BA and MA from the University of the Pacific in Stockton where she also obtained her life Elementary and Secondary teaching credentials. She received her Pupil Personnel Credential from CSU Stanislaus and her School Psychologist Credential from CSU Sacramento. Josie also received her AA degree in 1968 from San Joaquin Delta College and is honored to have returned as an Associate Professor. She is currently serving her first term as CCA Northern Director Part-Time. In addition, she is Vice-President of Adjuncts at San Joaquin Delta College and serves as CTA Liaison to the California Association of School Psychologists. Josie strives to be the best advocate for Community College Part-Time Instructors.  Josie was previously C-1 CCA Director and a State Council representative.

Southern Part-Time Faculty At-large Director : Teresa Landeros

Mt. San Antonio College
Term: 2022-2024
Represents: Southern California Part-Time Faculty members of the Community College Association/CTA/NEA
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I’ve been teaching as a part-time faculty member since 2004. I serve as an advocate for part-time faculty on the Mt SAC Adjunct Faculty Advisory Committee. I also serve on the CCA Part-Time Faculty Issues Committee and on the CSUF Academic Senate. Recently, I was elected to soon be a CCA Board member to represent part-time faculty for the southern California region. My advocacy efforts center around establishing policies which represent the best interest of both faculty and students and building collegiality among faculty. My priority is to strengthen the role of part-time faculty on the college campuses they teach at as vital collaborators and contributors pertaining to all matters affecting faculty and students. Furthermore, I support equal pay for equal work for part-time faculty and policies which promote the overall general welfare of part-time faculty such as job security and inclusion in institutional governance.

CTA Director Q for Higher Ed: DeWayne Shaeffer

DeWayne ShaefferDeWayne Sheaffer has worked in higher education for over 30 years. DeWayne started his career at California State University at Stanislaus where he earned a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing in the Business Office and Admission & Records area. He moved to California State University, Los Angeles working in the Admissions and Records Office processing students for graduation. He subsequently moved to California State University. Dominguez Hills serving as the Supervisor of the Graduation Unit in the Records Office while completing his Master of Science Degree in Counseling with an Emphasis in Higher Education. DeWayne is currently working at Long Beach City College since 1996 in the Counseling and Student Development Department. While at LBCC, DeWayne has served in several leadership capacities such as Department Chair, Transfer Coordinator, Career Services Coordinator, and Association President at the college. DeWayne’s strong sense of advocacy came into existence at an early age when he participated in picketing at his father’s work place of Chevron Oil Refinery during a strike. He thought that was awesome that employees would do all they could including striking to ensure their voice was heard during the negotiation process. To date that event continues to remain his motivation in supporting and protecting the collective bargaining process.