CCA Director Elections

Below you will find links to candidate fliers as well as links to their recorded speeches if provided. Fliers and speeches are forthcoming… Check back soon

List of Declared Candidates

CCA PresidentEric Kaljumägi: Incumbent. Past local union president, past local senate president, past CCA Governance chair. CCA is making progress in many areas, including legislative involvement, support to locals, diversity and inclusion, and statewide representation while continuing to offer quality professional development. I ask for your vote to continue this important work.

CCA Vice President: Randa Wahbe: It has been my honor to serve as CCA VP the past two years. I have focused on providing a voice for all our members, especially those most vulnerable. I have spearheaded sponsoring legislation on part-time parity and worked tirelessly with CTA/NEA on membership recruitment/retention. I would appreciate your vote!

Director District C-1 – Kristie Iwamoto: I have been involved with my local union for eight years and President for four years. Fourth generation Californian and proud second generation educator. I will serve District C-1 to the best of my ability and always stand up for faculty.

District C-2 – Ricardo Aguilar: I am a first-generation college graduate, educator, and an immigrant from Mexico. I am committed to social justice and serve as Chair of a local Social Justice and Equity Committee. I would like to continue volunteering, organizing, advocating, and speaking up and out to represent you.

District E-2 – Michael Butros: It would be my honor to continue to serve you on the CCA Board.

District F-1 – Karen Roberts: I am currently the incumbent by appointment F1 District Director on the CCA Board. I also co-direct the BSL Academy. I’ve been actively serving in my local chapter since 2008, including being President for 10 years. I previously served as the Southern Part-Time Director on the CCA Board.

District F-2 

District G – Jesus Eduardo Gutierrez: I am a motivated and dedicated Mathematics Professor who accepts the obligation to serve and represent the colleges in my district to the best of my abilities. I graduated from CCA’s Building Stronger Locals and California Leadership Academy. I embrace the opportunity to continue to serve as District Director G.

District H-2 – Karen Cranney: Having served as the union president of our local at Mt. San Jacinto College Faculty Association for 12 years, it is my pleasure to offer my service to CCA as a candidate for the Direction of H-2. I serve as the department chair of college success, leadership, and wine hospitality

District I – Rick H. Boone, MBA, Ed.D.: Appointed incumbent; CCA and local involvement since 2008; Building Strong Locals Graduate and WHO Award recipient in 2010; I have also served on campus in the Senate and as Department and Curriculum Chairs. I’m happy to serve at the state level to strengthen our locals. I appreciate you support.

District K – Dorothy Reina

Northern Part Time Faculty Director – Josie Malik: Currently CCA Part-Time Northern Director, CCA Chair of Part-Time Faculty Issues Committee and 3rd Vice-President of Adjuncts at my local. I will work/have worked diligently for the rights of Part-Timer at the local, state and national level. I ask for your support.

Women’s Issues Director – Kathleen Brantley-Gutierrez:  I am a Reference Librarian at Merced College. My current roles include MCFA Secretary (2017-) and PTFAC Chair (2013-). I graduated from BSL8 (2014), the Bargaining Academy (2015) and the CLA (2018). In 2019 I received the WHO Award from MCFA. I am currently on the CCA Policy Committee.