Member Enrollment Form

To become a CCA/CTA/NEA member, print the pdf form below and fill it out.  In the section where it asks about your primary place of employment, please write all the districts where you teach, regardless of whether they are community college or K-12.  List multiple community colleges if you teach at more than one.  This information may result in lower dues.

Don’t forget to sign and date the form at the bottom.  Then take it to the president of your local chapter or mail it to CCA at 4100 Truxel Road, Sacramento, CA 95834

CCA Membership Enrollment Form

CCA Dues Structure

Member Expense Statements

Please read through the Reimbursement Guidelines, below, prior to filling out and submitting a Member Expense Statement

Reimbursement Guidelines 2019

CCA Conference Member Expense Statement (MES) 2019

CCA Non-Conference Member Expense Statement (MES) 2019

2019 CCA Presidents Conference MES

Missing Receipt Form

Conference Advance Form

Guidelines: CCA Conference advances cover actual pre-conference expenses. All receipts must be attached.  Complete guidelines listed in the form

CCA Advance Form

Emergency Response Application

Sometimes action must be taken swiftly by the CCA Emergency Response Task Force (ERTF).  Email the completed form below to the CCA President and ERTF Chair.  Emails are listed in the form.

Emergency Response Application


Membership Development Grant

CCA Offers Membership Development Grants up to $2,000.00 for Membership Specific Activities such as those listed in the form below.  Applications for this grant must be received prior to the event for which the chapter seeks reimbursement/funding.

Membership Development Grant 2019-2020

CTA also offers Institute for Teaching grants and the information for grants still available can be found here.

CCA Innovation Grant

CCA Innovation grants are a maximum of $1000 and are designed to support projects to benefit local chapter operations.  Applications for CCA Innovation Grants
must be submitted prior to the events for which the chapter seeks reimbursement.

CCA 2019 Innovative Grant Application

CTA State Council Candidacy Declaration Form

This form must be returned (received, not postmarked), to the service center council for multiple chapter electoral district or to local chapter for single chapter electoral district. The information on this form will be kept confidential.

Forms forthcoming…

CCA Declaration Form 2019

Click the link to download the 2019 CCA Declaration Form

CCA State WHO Award Nomination Form

Any CCA member who has made significant contributions to CCA at the state level may be nominated for the 2019 CCA State WHO Award.

CCA State WHO Nomination Form

CCA Chapter WHO Award Nomination Form

Any CCA member who has made significant contributions to CCA at the chapter level may be nominated for the 2019 CCA Chapter WHO Award.

CCA Chapter WHO Nomination Form

Faculty Equity and Diversity Awards Nomination Form

Do you want to nominate a colleague for a Faculty Equity or Diversity Award? Follow the instructions on the form for submission.

CCA Faculty Equity and Diversity Nomination Form 2019

CCA Advocacy Award

Any CCA member who has supported, promoted, recognized and educated our
community regarding the importance of unionization and its continued growth.

CCA Advocacy Award Application