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CCA Statement on the Governors 2019 Budget Proposal for Community Colleges

View the CCA May 2019 Revise Budget Memo from Legislative Advocate, Jennifer Baker.

Community College Association (CCA) President, Lynette Nyaggah, released the following statement on Governor Gavin Newsom’s community colleges budget proposal, which includes a $246 million (7 percent) increase in Proposition 98 funding.

“Governor Newsom has provided a strong community college budget with significant pension cost relief to districts. I am hopeful this means community college districts will no longer use this issue when negotiating improved professional salaries and working conditions with local college faculty. This proposed budget frees up resources to provide for more full-time faculty, better salaries for all faculty, and improved benefits for part-time and adjunct faculty. Ultimately, this will be a positive benefit all our students.”

View the 2019 CCA Budget Memo from Legislative Advocate, Jennifer Baker for more information.

CCA Statement on the Governors 2018 Budget Proposal

The Governor presented his Budget Proposal on January 10, 2018. Our Budget Advocate, Jennifer Baker, sent out a letter to all chapter presidents about the details of the proposal and the memo can be found posted below. CCA sent out a press release, which went to all chapter presidents, which stressed that we appreciate the funding increase but we will be working with the Governor on specific details of the proposal. It is important to understand that this proposal is by no means guaranteed to be the final Budget. It is also important to understand that the legislature will ultimately propose the final budget through a “trailer bill,” which is a piece of legislation. The trailer bill comes out on February 1. At that time we will know the details of all the parts of the proposal. CCA is supportive of many of the Governor’s goals. However, we are working with the Legislature, the Governor and the Chancellor’s office on the following:

1. ONLINE COMMUNITY COLLEGE — We support the goals of the online community college proposal — to bring opportunities to adults who have not been able to find a way to get the education and training offered by our community colleges. For CCA, it is significant that 50% of the adults who fall into this category are Latino. We want to make sure that we work on eliminating the achievement gap. However, we do not feel that it is necessary to set up a separate and distinct online community college. We think that there are other ways and will be working toward achieving these goals in a different way.

2. NEW FUNDING FORMULA — We also understand the motivation for the new funding formula. However, we are opposed to the Performance Based Funding in the third component of the funding formula. Basing funding on completion of any sort, whether it be degrees and certificates or classes, does not reflect what we know about the real cause of students having trouble reaching their goals. Again, we are working with the entities involved to make our views clear and we are looking for a more palatable alternative.

3. CATEGORICALS — We understand that there may be some benefits to consolidating categoricals, especially related funding areas which have reporting requirements. However, there are some categoricals which really benefit our students, the most critical ones being part time compensation, office hours and health benefits. We also support the maintenance and funding of a categorical for full time faculty hiring. We know that a living wage and benefits for part time faculty and availability of full time faculty is critical for student success. In addition, there are programs specifically aimed at helping students such as EOPS, DSPS, support for veterans and for foster youth, that should be funded separately. Each categorical which could be subject to consolidation needs to be considered very carefully. We will work for that as well.

CCA Budget Memo on the Governors Proposed 2018-19 Budget, by Jennifer Baker, Legislative Advocate

CCA Budget Memo 1-10-18

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