Grants & Awards

CCA Membership Development Grants to Chapters

Grants to local chapters of up to $2,000.00 per event are available through the CCA Membership Development Committee. Click Here for the application.

Check out the locals that have received this grant during the 2018-19 year


Chaffey College FA

$605 for PT recruitment mailing

Long Beach FT and CHI

$2000 each to the full-time and part-time units for membership recruitment, including hall walking

Sierra College FA

$2000 apiece for Fall and Spring post-Janus member education and recruitment events

College of the Desert FA

$1400 for a Flex-week member recruitment event

College of the Sequoias FA

$3528 for three events relating to member recruitment and development


$2000 for a welcoming event and information session for new full-time hires


CTA Institute for Teaching Grant

Click here for information on CTA’s Institute for Teaching Grants


Faculty Equity and Diversity Awards

CCA is proud to have initiated its Faculty Equity and Diversity Awards for outstanding service on behalf of community college faculty.

The GBLT Award, in honor of David Sanchez, CTA’s first openly gay president, recognizes faculty who have supported, promoted and educated our community college family regarding gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender (GLBT) issues.

The Ethnic Minority Award, in honor of Mary Ann Pacheco, a Hispanic professor at Rio Hondo College, is given to faculty who promote equal access and treatment for minorities on campus.

The Part-time Faculty Award in honor of David Milroy, another longtime faculty activist, is awarded to faculty who have worked to improve working conditions for part-time faculty.

Award winners are honored during CCA’s annual Spring Conference. Nominations may be by self-nomination, chapter nomination, or any member may nominate another member. The nominee must agree to be nominated. Awards for the 2017-18 year have been given and are listed below.  The nomination form for next year will be available in early February, 2019.

The 2017-2018 Award Winners are:

Kimberley Earhart – 2018 CCA GLBT Award in Honor of David Sanchez
Kimberly Earhart’s continuous work in creating a community of acceptance, support, and inclusion for the LGBTQ students on the Mt. San Antonio College (Mt. SAC) makes her a worthy candidate for the GLBT Award in Honor of David Sanchez. Kim was one of the leading advocates in establishing a Pride Center at Mt. SAC, making it the second community college in CA and the fourth college nationwide to have a professionally staffed LGBTQ center. As the first director of the Pride Center, Kim developed several programs that gave our LGBTQ students a safe venue to live authentically and succeed academically. She created an environment that allowed students to express themselves openly in a safe setting. For example, she paired students from the Pride Center with international students on Day of Silence so that students could share their experiences in different countries and discuss how the LGBTQ community around the world is still silenced.

She also organized a Harvey Milk Day where the students shared poems, stories, speeches, and drag performances in one of the main courtyards on campus. This was a powerful activity that enabled students to express themselves openly. She also made sure that the Pride Center was a place where students could feel proud of their identities. For example, she set up bulletin boards to highlight gay history, gay poets, trans heroes, as well as queer people of color heroes.

In addition, she created a Pride Center library that included books with LGBTQ themes, which facilitated discussions around topics important to the LGBTQ community and gave students a writing opportunity when they would leave written reviews for other students to read. A very important activity that she organized was the lavender graduation that recognized and honored the LGBTQ students who were graduating. Another reason Kim deserves to be awarded the GLBT Award in Honor of David Sanchez is because of her efforts at getting faculty across campus to support the LGBTQ students. She invited faculty and staff to get involved with the Pride Center by serving on the first Pride Center Advisory board. She would share with them what students were feeling and what services they needed so that the advisory board could make appropriate decisions to help this student population. In addition, she encouraged several faculty members to hold their office hours in the Pride Center in order to keep it open more hours and serve more students. She is also working with facilities to turn one of the staff bathrooms into a gender-neutral bathroom to accommodate our trans students, which is an issue of critical importance for this group. Kim has been instrumental in coordinating a variety of activities aimed at helping our LGBTQ students overcome the stigma and discrimination they often face on a college campus. She has been a wonderful advocate for our LGBTQ students and deserves to be recognized for all of her hard work.

Phyllis Hall – 2018 CCA Ethnic Minority Award in Honor of Mary Ann Pacheco

Phyllis Hall has been a champion for unions and for diversity for her whole career.  She has brought many CCA members from diverse backgrounds into CCA active membership and, ultimately, leadership through the Building Strong Locals Academy, of which she has been the Director for many years.  She has also encouraged and motivated her students from all backgrounds to think for themselves, plan ahead and build their futures by her direct and uncompromising advice.  She is the ultimate life coach for her students and fellow faculty, sharing her own experiences and educating others about how to succeed both in college and in life.  We are privileged to have known her in CCA and to have benefited from her wisdom.  Congratulations, Phyllis!

Evelyn Elmore – 2018 CCA Part-Time Faculty Award in Honor of David Milroy

Evelyn Elmore has led the Rancho Santiago faculty teaching at the Orange Education Center for many years.  She has engaged her members, build new membership and leadership and participated actively in CCA events.  She invites both CTA staff and CCA leadership and membership to join her in the trainings in many areas that she offers to her members.  She brings her faculty together to discuss important issues of the day in the state and in her district and works unceasingly for their welfare.  She also makes sure that her members have a chance to get to know each other by hosting social events which have a union focus.  She richly deserves to be honored for her leadership.  Congratulations, Evelyn!

Alen Frey – CCA Advocacy Award in Honor of Jerry Brown

Written by Elizabeth Maloney

When I first became involve in CTA/CCA I did things a little backwards.  I started at the top and became a CCA High Ed rep on CTA State council before I had hands on experience at the local level.   This is where I first met the recipient of today’s advocacy award.   I would hear stories about how he did this or that and I was instantly impressed and in awe and knew that I had to get to know this man behind the mystery.  This union activist begin his career as a “Phyzz Ed” teacher in Greenwich Connecticut.  Here is where the legend begins.  He was the local union president in 1976 for the first strike in town history. He led 700 teachers on the picket line for two days and won 6.8% salary increases for three years (which with the raise, gave a beginning teacher a salary of $10,500!)

The strike caught the attention of the California Teachers Association (hard to image how it went viral in the 70’s without social media- so it must have been impressive) and with some wheeling and dealing this person  moved west in September 1977 to work for in CA.  (who wouldn’t come to California right) . Collective bargaining was just beginning in California, and people with teacher organizing and strike experience were needed in this new environment.  The first locals this person worked with were in Visalia.

This person was part of the infamous CTA “flying squads” during the late 1970s who would swoop into locals in organizing blitzes to gain union recognition and scare the pants off of the administration. He worked with k-12 chapters throughout the Central Valley for 11 years when he transferred into the Community College Association in 1988 (thank goodness for CCA)

Proposition 98 had just been enacted, which guaranteed a portion of the state budget for the k-12 and Community College System. This person made the most of this funding by shaming districts for hoarding money and this set the foundation for supporting faculty in the quest for fair pay.  Hence how he became the Budget Guru for the community colleges up and down the state. So when it came to budget or funding issues everyone knew who you gonna call – Alan Frey.  He is also famous for his HOT TOPIC presentations

Alan has given numerous training’s on grievances, bargaining, unionism, and how to kick butt against administration and to survive the lunacy that goes with it.

I have been extra blessed since Alan has been assigned to my college (and trust me I am sure there are days he wishes he wasn’t)  I have Alan as #1 on speed dial on my phone  and he takes calls 24/7.  He is ferocious, tenacious, and dogmatic when it comes to advocacy.   He is famous for saying   “I don’t give a Rat’s Ass about……”   For these reasons his legacy and influence will always be a part of CCA/CTA

For the past 30 years, Alan  has been a tireless advocate for community college faculty (and Jack Daniels!).  It is my honor to award  on behalf of CCA Alan Frey the CCA John Martin Advocacy Award.