Randa Wahbe

Randa says that she is proud to be a union member because “by protecting faculty, we protect our students.”  She is proud to be part of a union family that preserves and protects education with integrity and concern for social justice!!!




Josie M sqJosie says that she is wears her union badge with pride because being a union member protects her profession and gives her and her fellow members due process rights.  This allows educators to be the best they can be for their students!




Kristie Iwamoto

“I am proud to be a union member because our union has always been a champion for educators. CCA/CTA helps our locals to bargain better contracts, protects our members in need, and educates us all on what it means to be a union. They have been and will continue to be on the right side of history. They give our individual voices the power to resonate.”  ~Kristie


Jonathan Ausubel

“I’m proud to be heir to legacy of the many brave men and women who fought and died for worker safety, for living wages, and for time off.  Furthering their dedication to one another is honorable and as necessary as ever.  I am inspired by and proud of my colleagues who step up and get involved to protect and insure the well-being of the faculty, staff, and students at my college.  I am gratified to know that as part of my union, I can further that goal.”  ~Jon

Johnnie Terry

“I am a PROUD UNION MEMBER because membership makes me a part of a family of workers who built and sustains the United States of America.  As a member of a college faculty union, I am an integral part of the professionals who train and prepare future generations and pass knowledge into the future.  Because of unions, I own my part of this process and have dignity in life.  Union is Family!”   ~Johnnie