Budget Committee

The CCA Budget Committee is charged with overseeing and monitoring all budgetary and fiscal activities of the organization.  The committee reviews and updates the Board and Councils on changes to CTA and NEA Budget policies.  The committee also assists in the development of the annual budgets, reviews monthly financial statements and general ledgers at least four times a year (including at each stand-alone Board meeting), and explains any budget variances whether in revenue or expenditure portions of the budget to the Board and Council.

Members: Fola Odebunmi (Chair), Michelle MacFarlane, Johnnie Terry, Jan Muto, and Krista Warren


Communications Committee

The Communications Committee works in conjuction with the CCA Website Manager/ Social Media Curator and CTA Communications Staff to disseminate valuable information to members regarding union news, local achievements, and current events that affect community college faculty.

Members:  Josie Malik (Chair), Kristie Iwamoto, Jill Pfeiffer, Susan Pynes, and Shaaron Vogel

Assigned Staff:  Cyndi Menzel (CTA Communications Consultant) and Casey Brown (CCA Website Manager/Social Media Curator)

Conference Committee

The Conference Committee meets four times each year to discuss and plan workshops, general sessions, evening activities, and the spring WHO Awards.  Non-Voting ex officio members often attend meetings.

Members:  Dorothy Reina (Chair), Jonathan Ausubel, Vincent Devlahovich, Phyllis, Hall, and Justina Rivadeneyra.

Assigned Staff: Bonita Lovell, Karen Boll, Nessa Connor, Mary Ann Lapu-Gacutan, and Laura Schultz


Governance Committee

The Governance Committee maintains the CCA governance documents: the Bylaws, the Standing Rules, and the Elections Manual.  This is accomplished by reviewing and revising, as needed, all governing documents of CCA at least once every five years,  considering all proposed amendments and changes to CCA’s governing documents, and reviewing the governance structure and geographical districts of CCA every three years for adherence to CCA, CTA, and NEA policies.  The Governance Committee also brings forth all revisions and suggested changes to the Board and Councils and advises these bodies of any compliance issues. The Committee may conduct hearings on any proposed changes to governing documents.

In addition, the Governance Committee provides oversight of all CCA conducted elections, assists in certifying delegates at CCA Councils, and works to maintain the integrity of all matters of the Association pertaining to Governance.

Members: Eric Kaljumagi (Chair), Patrick Mitchell (Vice Chair), Josue Arredondo, Evangeline Matthews, and John Sullivan




Elections Council Committee (description forthcoming)


Faculty Equity and Diversity Committee (description forthcoming)


Legislation and Advocacy Committee (description forthcoming)


Membership Development Committee (MDC)

The Membership Development Committee meets four or five times each year to discuss membership recruitment, development, and retention; to solicit, fund, and review Membership Development grant proposals; and to advise CCA on all relevant matters.  Guests are welcome, and non-voting and ex officio members often attend meetings.

2018-2019 MDC members: Jon Ausubel (Chair), Michael Butros, Tracy Butros, Martha Carreon (Vice Chair), Joaquin Duran, and Brad Reynolds (CCA VP). The CTA Staff Liaison to the Committee is Robin Devitt.

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Part-Time Faculty Issues Committee (description forthcoming)


Policy Committee (description forthcoming)