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Northern Women’s Rights/Issues At-large Director: Toni Pirtle

Merced College
Term: 2021-2023
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Southern Women’s Rights/Issues At-large Director: Martha Carreon

Term: 2022-2024
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To celebrate Women’s History Month, here are a few things you can do:

1. Learn their stories
Here is a good article from Professional Woman’s Magazine on Women of Color:

Women’s History Month: Women of color whose names you should know

2. Support Women-Owned Local Businesses in Your Neighborhood 
Did you know that you can support businesses owned by women when searching for restaurants, stores or other services? Type in the tag “women owned” when using Yelp to find services you need AND support local business owners.

3. Find out about important contributions made by women to make unions stronger.
Here is a PowerPoint highlighting some of the brave women featured in the “Great Women in Union History” poster gallery walk I put together a couple of years ago:
Great Women in Union History PowerPoint 
CTA also has great resources for Women’s History Month on their website: https://www.cta.org/awareness-events/womens-history-month

4.  Share images your support on social media with images like those below.


5. Thank and acknowledge the women who have helped you in your own life! 


Resources for Women’s History Month and Beyond!

Even though Women’s History is officially observed in March, women’s history doesn’t go away the rest of the year. Resources from the National Women’s History Project are always available for classrooms, projects, and just for one’s own personal knowledge.

And if you want to take action to raise the status of women globally, you can Be Bold for Change at the International Women’s Day website. You can sign up, take action, and find resources and events for International Women’s Day March 8 and every day. You can also view a great International Women’s Day history timeline all the way back to 1908.