Social Media Quick Access Guide

Social Media Quick Access Guide

Why use hashtags?

A hashtag connects you with people who care about your issues and events.  It is also a great way to network with external audiences.  Overall, social media campaigns provide alternatives to mainstream corporate media or propaganda, and provide access to independent news sources.

Hashtags to Use

#cca4Us #CCAStrong
#WeAreCTA #comm_college (there is an underscore)
#OurVoiceAtTheTable #CommunityCollege
#StrongerTogether #HigherEd
#membership or #member #RedforEd
#StrengthinUnity #UnionSibs

@ = Mention

@:  A mention or to direct a tweet to someone. Added in front of a Twitter username when you want to get someone’s attention or refer to them in a post. To mention a person or organization use the “@” symbol and their name.  Choose the right one from the list that pops up.

i.e @cca4Us will pop up Community College Association and some other people or organizations that have a similar name.  Click the correct name to tag that organization.  Another example of tagging a person would be to use @CCAPresident1.

List of names you can tag:






Other prominent figures, leaders in higher ed / union leaders

Examples include @TonyThurmond or @GavinNewsom or @Lily_NEA

The more shares a post gets the more others see it.  “Likes” no longer cut it when we are trying to disperse our message to members and those that see our page posts in their news feeds.  Make sure to like posts and then share them.  That way you always know it will be seen.  Retweet and hashtag posts you like.  Share articles you find on FB and tag CCA.