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The CCA Spring Conference highlights membership and our “We Honor Ours” (WHO) Awards winners.  The last CCA council of the academic year is also held at the Spring Conference. The 2021 Spring Conference will take place virtually, April 23-25.

Check out the Conference Agenda and the Session Descriptions for details!

Some highlights include:

  • Advocacy skills during investigatory interviews
  • CalSTRS – Part-Time Educator
  • Developing and Implementing a Membership Drive Campaign
  • Social Media for Social Justice: Unpacking Hashtag Activism
  • Working Together While Apart – Organizing through technology with CTA’s Membership Tools

Building Strong Locals Academy will also take place in parallel to the conference.

General Conference Information

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, CCA has decided to keep it’s members safe while still providing amazing training opportunities for them.

CCA is please to offer three distinct and timely statewide conferences each year.  In 2014-15, CCA transitioned to a revised schedule that more closely follows membership, bargaining, and legislative calendars.

Fall Conference
The Fall Conference is always held in early October and is dedicated to enhancing bargaining skills and coordinating strategies focused on collective bargaining. In addition to sessions on bargaining-related issues, we have our first Council meeting of the academic year. Legislative updates will also be offered at the Fall Conference.

The Fall Conference also features either our CCA California Leadership Academy or our CCA Building Strong Locals Academy.

Winter Conference
The Winter Conference is held in mid-February.  The Winter Conference highlights Advocacy in addition to lobbying and contract enforcement issues. We also offer one of the following Academies at our Winter Conference:  Bargaining, Grievance, or Advocacy.  Legislation pertaining to Community Colleges will also be addressed. There is no Council meeting at the Winter Conference.

Spring Conference
The Spring Conference is held in April and highlights membership.   At this conference, we also highlight our “We Honor Ours” (WHO) Awards winners. This is a special program which honors our own local and state union leaders. We also hold our last Council of the academic year at the Spring Conference. The Spring Conference also features our CCA California Leadership Academy or our CCA Building Strong Locals Academy Graduations. Members will also receive Legislative  updates pertaining to California Community Colleges.

2020-2021 Conference Dates and Times

October 9-11, 2020 – FALL CONFERENCE

This year, the fall conference was held virtually in order to protect our members during the pandemic.


Academies:  Leadership and Bargaining Academies will be taking place


January 29-31, 2021 – WINTER CONFERENCE

This year, the Winter conference will be held virtually in order to protect our members during the pandemic.


Academies:  Leadership Academy (Session 3) and  one of the following Academies will be offered: Bargaining, Grievance, or Advocacy


Membership and Membership Engagement

Academies:  Building Strong Locals (Session 1)

Please view the complete conference list for 20/21 through 21/22  information

If you are interested in providing a training session at a conference fill out this Conference Session Proposal Form
Please submit your completed Conference Session Proposal Form to the CCA Conference Chair via email at at least 12 weeks in advance of the scheduled conference.